Women grievance cell dimr

Women Grievance Cell

Objectives of the Committee

To consider the complaints of grievances from female teaching staff, non-teaching staff and girl students.
To investigate all the complaints/charges thoroughly and professionally within stipulated time.
To ensure confidentiality and time bound response to the complaints and build confidence about impartiality.
To undertake motivational and developmental activities for female staff and girl students.
To sensitize girl students about the demands of corporate life and work culture.

Role of the Committee

The Grievance Committee shall consider all grievances submitted in writing by an individual regarding working conditions, eve teasing and any other alleged injustice done to female employee/girl students while discharging their duties/attending sessions at the Institute.

The Grievance Committee shall have access to all files confidential or otherwise relevant to the individual’s grievance.

Committee Members

Prof. Manisha JagtapChairperson
    Prof. Gayatri PatilMember
      Prof. Amreen Shaikh Member
        Ms. Rasika Desai Student’s representative (MBA-I )
          Ms. Aarati DhageStudent’s representative (MBA-I )
            Ms. Chetna MarlechaStudent’s representative (MBA-I )
              Ms. Suchita NikumbhStudent’s representative (MBA-II)