Men’s Day Celebration

Just speaking ‘Gender Equality’ is trivial and censuring entire mandem as chauvinist or bigots is unjust and would jeopardize the quintessence of ‘Gender Neutrality’ An equal onus lies on all genders to ensure their counterparts, let it be from their friends, family, colleagues, peers or community, manifests conviviality, camaraderie and respect towards other genders When all are trying hard and ostentatiously flaunting their patronage for the buzz term ‘Gender Equality’, DIMR is truly living up to it since last many years, where very few are paying heed to the fact that there exists a ‘Men’s Day’ too.
The cherry on the top is when it comes from the female faculties and celebrated with equal fervor every year like Women’s Day.

‘Teachers Day Celebration’

It is said that the world is round and life takes full circle, making you encounter the same people again. But then this world is full of bigots who would like to be surrounded by the flatterers and would evade admonishers. When our culture and ethos teach us to be thankful to everyone who even does a little good to us, you would encounter many thankless people around. A teacher’s love, affection and concern for every student cannot be rounded off numerically or emotionally, provided the occasional reprimands perceived positively and in good spirit for one’s own development.
So in a teacher’s relentless journey of caring, sharing and giving, it gives a brief hiatus when some of his students try to square it off by making it from any corner of the world just to say those two words ‘Thank You’. This Year’s Teacher’s Day celebration shadowed by the physical distance between
Teachers and the students, brought some respite by a pleasant surprise visit of some students, which proved to be the ice and cherry on the cake. Some of them taking off from the work & some rescheduling their client meetings just to show a small but precious
gesture. After all what you need is to be gracious and benevolent to feel beholden to someone. What more a teacher would expect from his students?
The celebration was marked with some fun games, antakshari, faculty performances and cake cutting with the students, following the norms of physical distancing and all safety precautions amid pandemic.

‘Ganesh Utsav 2020 Award Ceremony’

How would we let you miss the fervor of Ganesh Festival, during this home stricken feeling due to Covid-19 pandemic situation?
We took this onus to keep you jovial and entertained in this festive season. The ‘Ganesh Utsav 2020 – Cultural Program Competition’ organized by us, to keep you moving, grooving and at your creative best, received an overwhelming response from the ever enthusiastic participants of all age groups.
Congratulations to the Winners
Family Selfie with Bappa –
1) Akshay Rahate & Payal Rathi
2) Prathamesh Jethe & Sunny Mane
3) Sunayna Hakke
Selfie with Rangoli –
1) Vrushali Hude
2) Amit Shinde
3) Mansi Jadhav
Singing –
1) Mohammed Mudassir
2) Namrata Laddha
3) Smita Murkute
Dance Seniors –
1) Shivani Patil
2) Isha Oswal
3) Bakshita Tilockandani
Dance Juniors –
1) Arnav Pawar
2) Anvi Murumkar
3) Sachika Bankar

‘Ganesh Utsav 2020’

So what if we are deprived of the pandals, social gatherings and cultural events this festive season…?
No pandemic can detain us from our spirit…! No virus can dissuade us from junketing in the festival that is so close to our heart and the
one we yearn for the whole year…! Let’s make this Ganesh Utsav memorable with us! Do participate in our ‘Ganesh Utsav – Cultural Program Competition’ and celebrate the festival with us…!
Ganpati Bappa Morya…!

‘Tree Plantation’

When everything was moving well, we seldom were perturbed by the polluted air inhaled by us. And suddenly when a tiny microbe put everything else to halt, we started focusing on breathing exercises; resorted to herbal remedies as prophylactic measures, and turned
solicitous about clean air & atmosphere. The irony is that we are living in a nation that was once bragged for its illustrious flora and fauna and now left with paltry 28 Trees per person as compared to 8593 in Canada. This is not something to boast about. We hope this wisdom of hindsight stays forever and we keep on preserving the reservoirs of oxygen

‘Kindness Club’

We proudly unveiled the ‘DIMR Kindness Club’ on the day when our National Tri-colour unfurled! We vowed to get freedom from all the hatred, malice, malign and cynicism. Let’s join us to spread love, kindness, compassion and buoyancy. As a part of our first initiative, here we make an open appeal to All, to take this opportunity to serve the society and community of ‘Senior Citizens’ of your city. Please download the
‘Jyesta.App’ from Play store and register yourself as a volunteer in ‘I Offer’ and ask the senior citizens in your area/society looking out for help to register in ‘I need’


It’s unfair that few would deteriorate and some are unfeigned & trying hard to bring out the reforms to ameliorate the things. Ultimately we all need a pleasant environment & pure air to breathe & live a healthy life. Whenever we get an opportunity to initiate or participate in a drive which would be remunerative to the society at large, we are always ready to embark. DIMR students volunteered in a 1000 tree plantation drive ‘Greenathon’ organised by L&T Infotech at Mhalunge. #MBADIMR #HolisticLearning#GreenBrigade #Greenathon


There are myriad types of people in our world and each individual is working towards the furtherance of their own growth – whether it’s knowledge, experience, financial status, etc.
In this journey of life, however, we realise that there is always more to do, more to earn, whether wealth or respect. There is always a driving need in all of us to outshine that image in the mirror yesterday, to deliver yet more, to acquire a little more. And we are aware that a few amongst us are those trail blazers, who illuminate in us that emotion, that desire to be more.
The *Sapiens* brings all these dynamic yet, awe-inspiringly humble personalities to share their life mantras and experiences so that we also learn and make our lives worthy every moment.
You are cordially invited to get inspired by the life journeys of our Social Changemakers, on the day of *Mahatma Gandhi*, October 2nd 2019.
Constellate with the benefactors, marshal for the cause of kindness, and be a part of this revolutionary, life-altering series named, *SAPIENS TALK!*

Diwali Celebration with Aniket Sevabhavi Sanstha

‘Diwali’ is a festival of light, happiness & prosperity. Is it the only prerogative of those who are blessed with the physical, human resources & could savour best of the things in presence of the loved ones? The staff & students of DIMR proved it otherwise & thought that this celebration should not be a sole privilege of the fortunate ones. We celebrated this Diwali with the orphaned, abandoned special & differently abled children of ‘Aniket Sevabhavi Sanstha’s’, ‘Om Shri Sai Residential Rehabilitation Centre for differently abled boys & girls’, Bavdhan. Our students decorated the place with rangoli, Diwali lanterns & balloons followed by a prayer to bring light & hope in everyone’s life. The boys & girls of a wide age group of 4 to 42 left no stone unturned to match the dance steps on some groovy numbers with the students of DIMR. A girl who won a volleyball bronze medal at Special Olympics World Summer Games 2019 at Abudhabi & two boys who won gold & a silver medal in the State-Level Table Tennis competition at Mumbai shared their experiences with sheer confidence which was enough to inspire our students to aspire & do more with the given abilities. The children were ebullient while playing the games organised by our students. Some showcased their talent with the stellar performances. The Diwali snacks and gifts shared with them along with some fireworks, worked wonders for those unadulterated souls, leaving their faces glow with happiness and the eyes sparkle with innocence. We all bought & pledged to light-up the beautiful ‘Diyas’ & ‘Candles’ made by these children, at our homes this Diwali. We left the premise reluctantly with positive energy & vibes, making many special friends & applauding the unabating spirit of Ms. Kalpana Warpe & her team for their relentless efforts and compassionate nurturing of these pure souls. We left…but with an unuttered promise to visit again. #MBADIMR #HolisticLearning#VisitToAniketSevabhaviSanstha#DiwaliCelebrationWithSpecialFriends #ValueBasedEducation

International Yoga Day

International Yoga Day
Life always gives us an opportunity to reject futile & accept congruous. We would be jinxed if we fail to seize the benefit of something which is an exceptional benefaction we have inherited and what made the entire world being swayed by. How could we be left behind, not celebrating the precious heritage that India has gifted to the entire humankind? ‘Yoga’ is a transcendental boon for physical wellness, mental transformation & self-discovery. DIMR celebrated ‘International Day of Yoga’. #MBADIMR #InternationalYogaDay

Foundation Day Celebration

To rise above all and odds, one has to have very strong underlying basis & principles. To raise a solid structure, it has to have a very strong foundation. It all started 31 years back, when a foundation stone was laid to build a school to impart education to the deprived girls in the vicinity and now it has flourished into an educational campus imparting quality education to thousands of students in different streams. MBA DIMR celebrated 31st Foundation Day of SKP Campus on 20th June 2019 in presence of the Founder Chairman Shri. Ganpatrao Balwadkar by planting native trees in the campus. Like the educational institutions enriching our student’s lives, these plants will surely grow rapidly & send out runners above the substratum bearing fruits to nurture many birds around.

Visit to Aapale Ghar

In today’s world when families are becoming nuclear and most of us tend to be confined to our small social set-up, there are still many out there, living in solitude, in spite of being surrounded by people. But ‘How can the stars shine without darkness?’ Like a blessing in disguise there are some generous people around, who believes in the virtue of almsgiving, and ‘ApalaGhar Orphanage & Old Age Home’ is one of them, who are not only working hard to nurture the kids but also helping them out in building skills & capabilities so as to make them independent, responsible & employable. We at DIMR are always veracious to the values we speak. As a part of our annual campaign ‘Joy of Giving’ we tried to extend some support to this noble cause in the form of Story books, Encyclopedia, games & toys. The hope & stars in their eyes only invigorated us to do more. #MBADIMR#JOYOFGIVING #APALAGHARORPHANAGE

Blood Donation @DIMR

It’s an irony that when you need it for you & your dear ones, it’s a commodity; but when you are asked to give it to others, it’s not! Every two seconds someone some where needs it and many lives are lost every year due to its non-availability. But it cannot be manufactured in any factory. It has to be donated voluntarily by the compassionate people. If donated by a person it can save three lives. We at DIMR always being munificent and mainspring towards such social cause, know the value of ‘Blood’. DIMR organised a ‘Blood Donation Camp’ for Pimpri Serological Institute Blood Bank to mark Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Birth Anniversary. Students, staff and many other volunteered in this noble cause. #MBADIMR#BLOODDONATIONCAMP

Human Library’ session

There are multiple facets to a Human Life. No human in this world is deemed to be quintessential and there lies the beauty of a ‘Wabi-sabi’ world according to Japanese philosophy. There is no perennial cure to human fallibility & frailty. In spite of the grey shades of human disposition, every human is a paragon of rectitude. Every human has something riveting and beguiling to share with others. Every human can be a ‘book’ to read out from. DIMR hosted a ‘Human Library’ session organised by ‘Global Harmony Trust’. This idiosyncratic event witnessed 12 human books with diverse substance & gist and many insatiable readers from all across the city.

Social Initiatives

At DIMR we believe and we have experienced, that “when someone do something for someone, without a reason, what he gets back in return is joy and satisfaction”.

The social initiatives at DIMR are not just the part of our traditions but rather we will say that, it is now a part of the thought process of individuals associated with DIMR, wherein if someone feels like doing something for someone, everyone else joins automatically.

Thus it’s not something extraordinary for us to share with you that how each one of us at DIMR is contributing his part in various social initiatives.


“It doesn’t matter what your 100% is, it only matters that you go ahead and give it your best”. With sun peeping through the dimly lit sky #DIMR students participated in PUNE #Mahamarathon at ShriShivChhatrapati sports complex, the enthusiasm and adrenaline was at its highest as the runners lapped through several categories.
Half Marathon 21 KM
Power Run 10 KM
Fun Run 5 KM
Family Run 3 KM
Congratulations to participants and thumbs up to #DIMR staff and students.

International Women’s Day

Even in the space the stars aren’t overly bright but our planet is an abode to a galore of glittering stars! A fallacy of underrating them as timid has always made them break into a gallop. The iWoman Global Awards (iWGA) is the award to felicitate these stars; the deserving women who are working in various fields and creating deeper impact; to inculcate the “Womanhood” and to celebrate the efforts of this ever growing strong woman force. DIMR MBA students were fortunate to volunteer, interact and be with the stalwarts from different fields at “iWoman Global Awards” on this “International Women’s Day”, 8th March 2019 at Dr. C.V. Raman Auditorium, Pashan. It was a great learning for them to know “How to grow stronger, working in adverse conditions, with your dedication & belongingness.”

Christmas at Sarswati Anath Shikshan Sansthan

The fervor of Christmas is incomplete without the joy of giving, sharing and caring for the unprivileged. #DIMR’s #holisticlearning is the program to make you not just a better manager but a better human being and citizen for India. With this thought #DIMR students celebrated their Christmas with children from Sarswati Anath Shikshan Sansthan and the smile on their faces was priceless.

Climate Collective Outreach Event

“Being ignorant is not so much a shame, as being unwilling to learn”. Unawareness can be spared & worked upon but bewilderment towards the Environment can be fatal for the entire human race.
DIMR in association with ‘Climate Collective Pune (CCP)’ had organised a ‘Climate Collective Outreach Event’ on Sunday, 16th Dec 2018, in an endeavour to enhance the awareness about ‘Environment Preservation and Climate Change Action’ under the Climate Change initiative of the Pune International
Centre (PIC).
The event was chaired by Prof. Amitav Mallik, Hon. Trustee, PIC. The speakers included Mr. Arvind Karandikar, Founder CEO, Nexus Energy who addressed the audience about the intimidating perils of alarming carbon emission and the importance of energy saving, conservation and adopting alternative
energy options.
Mr. Ravindra Sinha, Co-founder of Mission Groundwater and Water Conservation Activist, spoke about how we need to be proactive in water preservation before its too late. The measures we can take in our routine life to save and preserve water and if we carry on being negligent then no reservoir is enough to quench our thirst.

Prerana Bhavan

Its hard work but pure love of Sisters from Prerana Bhavan. Not even a trace of tiredness or irritation while serving young and old, such dedication that inspires many and galvanizes many more. DIMR students on their 5th day of Induction program ‘Prarambh’ recognized the need of social engagement and giving back to the society. On their visit to Prerana Bhavan the students interacted, shared, laughed and learnt to smile with the special ones. A unique initiative taken by DIMR to nurture holistic education and experiential learning for students, that shall pave way for them to become better human beings and not just corporate employees.

Ravet Tree Plantation Drive

Why seek blessings of our forefathers only? Let us save ourselves from the curse of our descendants, for not keeping this planet ‘Green’.
DIMR & DACC joined hands to be a part of Govt. of Maharashtra’s ‘Green Army’, with a ‘Native Tree Plantation Drive ‘at Ravet.
We pledged to keep this planet ‘greener’ for the generations to come.

Donation at Maher

Happiness’ is when you see it on other’s faces. DIMR donated text books, story books, library books, stationary and toys to the kids of ‘Maher’ in Vadgaon Sheri.

Making a difference

There is no greater joy nor greater reward than to make a fundamental difference in someone’s life. – Mary Rose McGeady
DIMR has always considered that making difference in someone’s life and spreading love is its fundamental duty. Here are some photos that reflect the same.

World Sparrow Day

On the occasion of this World Sparrow Day, students of DIMR took a pledge to make this planet a better place for sparrows; plant native plants, provide water for them, feed them regularly, put up nest boxes and spread the message of conservation.

We will chirp for the sparrows and tweet for the sparrows because we love them very much!

Save The Trees Pune

Trees can’t speak; so the teachers & students of Dnyansagar Institute of Management & Research and Dnyansagar Arts & Commerce College along with other citizens screamed on their behalf: “Don’t Kill, Save Us”, by joining hands in a Human Chain at Savitribai Phule Pune University to protest against Civic body decision to chop 29 trees. #LetsBreatheOxygen

Click here…

Visit to Nachiket Balgram

“There is no more noble occupation in the world than to assist another human being to help someone succeed.”
On the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti Team DIMR had organised “Daan Utsav” where each one donated either in cash or kind. This donation was then given to an orphanage, Nachiket Balgram located in Akurdi, Pune. This visit was a memorable one where everyone was deeply touched by the resilience of the young kids living over there. The visit to the orphanage was a fulfilling experience for all of us as we came back with not only memories but also some valuable lessons.

Visit to PrernaBhavan

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”
With a view to develop social values in our students we visited Prerna Bhavan. It is a home for under-privileged, mentally challenged children and women. But walking around, it was a pleasant surprise to see how our expectations of a dusty and sad place were replaced by the reality of a vibrant, heart-warming, and welcoming environment.
We gathered the kids and the women for interactive games and dance to help us get to know them and encourage their trust. We spend time with the kids and gave our company to make them feel good which is most important to them. We did our bit to support the cause by donating stationary, Nutritious food items, Board Games etc.
The time spent their made us realize that there is lot to learn from them, including experiences about life such as being grateful and being genuinely happy with what we have.