The biggest opportunity for an MBA graduate to present his ideologies on a certain area with research and findings.
@ DIMR, students get complete exposure to tickle his brain cells towards learning “How to identify the Problem”, once it is done, on the scientific basis the student is all good for exploring his potentials

Dissertation : In Semester IV the student shall work under the supervision of the Faculty and carry out a dissertation and submit a structured report in TWO hard copies & one soft copy (CD). In the interest of environmental considerations, students are encouraged to print their dissertation reports on both faces of the paper.

The student is required to conduct advanced research on a topic related to one (or more) of contemporary issues in management. The topic is chosen in consultation with the student’s supervisor.

The student will prepare and present a detailed research proposal prior to starting the work. It is mandatory for the student to seek advance written approval from the faculty guide and the Director of the Institute about the topic before commencing the dissertation work. A dissertation outlining the entire problem, including a survey of literature and the various results obtained along with their solutions is expected to be produced. The student must submit the completed dissertation and make an oral presentation of the same. Through the dissertation, the student is expected to furnish evidence of competence in understanding varied aspects of the theme/topic selected and a deep understanding of the specialty area. The completion of the dissertation / project shall be certified by the Faculty Guide & approved by the Director of the Institute.

The student can undergo desk research or field research and can follow the guidelines mentioned in the SIP for preparation of their final hard copy.