DIMR – Pune, recommended as Best Campus
by The Times of India.

why recruiter@dimr


Placements at DIMR are not considered as the final step of the process, but they are the strategically designed part intertwined in the learning process of DIMR and this approach gives another chance to the industry to call it “The Best Campus To Recruit From”.

In the process, future needs of the industry are identified and students are polished considering the industry requirements and their individual inclinations. While continuing with the process, students gets hands on experience in the organizations of their choice, through various ‘on-the-dock case studies and assignments’ during their two year’s curriculum and while doing so students understands their prospective employer and the organizations understands their prospective candidates, before recruiting. This helps organizations to curtail down their employee turnover ratios, as a result of the increased eligibility and interests of the candidates and the observations of the industry during the curriculum.

We believe that if our students are placed after their MBA is over, then probably we are lacking somewhere, as we want them to have their offer letters with them, before they are done with their MBA, and this is the reality happening at DIMR.