Human has a very bright gift of God, that is, he has a ability to think, when different people think for one common vision, thousands get benefit of that. @ DIMR, we have developed an eco-system which bring out the best of all, it is a place where every body has an equal responsibility and an opportunity to push himself beyond his own comfort zone.

Dr. Sajid Alvi
Dr. Sajid AlviDirector - BE, MBA (Operations). Corporate Experience 18 yrs

A man who will never hesitate to uphold the truth, with a motto of selfless service, Dr. Sajid Alvi Knows how to foster energy and positivity in Team and how to take care of all. Loves to give Freedom and Expects to put efforts from Heart. A man, to work with, a Guide to Follow, & Friend to Have.

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Mr. Sagar Balwadkar
Mr. Sagar BalwadkarAssistant Professor - BE, MBA (Operations). Corporate Experience 4yrs

A man with great potential to achieve the goals in his life. He has strong will power and strives very hard in each aspect. He is a versatile person and gives his best shot in all walks of life.

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Dr.  Jitendra Hude
Dr. Jitendra HudeAssociate Professor - BCS, MCM. Corporate Experience 20 yrs
A person with respect for others, steady in action and good in knowledge. A soft spoken man with supportive attitude, loves to take pictures, with communication skills avoiding saying No, An administrator with listening quality. Keeps the wicket on and off the field.
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Ms. Manisha Jagtap
Ms. Manisha JagtapAssociate Professor - B.Com, MBS, M.Com. Corporate Experience 17 yrs

Constantly trying to upgrade skills, never short of ideas, straight forward in nature. A Women with wow.. factor, one man army with lot of energy. Loves to smile, Loves to guide and Loves to Work.

  • +91-7767800402
Mr. Sameer Patil
Mr. Sameer PatilAssistant Professor - B.Pharm, MBA, PhD(Pursuing). Corporate Experience 15yrs

A person who cares for students, adventurous person, brings flavor to the team. Energetic person with right amount of enthusiasm.

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Prof. Firoz Khan
Prof. Firoz KhanAssistant Professor -BA, MBA, PhD (Pursuing)

They say, every person has potentials to bring out the best within, Amreen knows the trick to do this. Always energetic with a smile on face, ready to perform any responsibility with a can do attitude. Takes a bit time to finish her lunch, and always ready to learn new things. With polished skills at her side, a kind person to share a smile.

Prof. Pushpa Kumari
Prof. Pushpa KumariAssistant Professor -B.Com, MBA, PhD (Pursuing)

Light Hearted Person with a zeal of giving 200% Efforts. Carries a smile on face, loves to play with numbers .Always adds value to the Team.