Summer Internships

One of the best way to understand “How Theories Works”
@ DIMR, the thought behind Internship is creating a platform for Organizations and Students for Exchanging Experience between Organization and Student. DIMR Student get an opportunity to complete their Internship with profound understanding. We are very Happy for the Organizations who are giving opportunities to our students

SIP viva 2018

Hard work never fails you is a proven lesson of life. Students at #DIMR tasted the fruit of their hard work by successfully attending their Summer Internship Viva and passing with flying colors.
#DIMR #SIPreport #HolisticMBA

Summer Internship Campus Drive 2018

Summer Internship Drive was organised by DIMR on 14thApril 2018 garnered a huge response from MBA-I students from various management institutes. The Campus Drive was a grand success with the presence of 20+ companies and registrations of 311 students.

Summer Internship Drive 2015

DMR has organized Pool Campus Drive for students, one of the intention behind this was to create better learning opportunities for MBA students, giving them multi disciplinary opportunities for choosing from.
Students from 20-25 institutes took benefit of this initiative. 15-17 companies were at Campus to fetch a talent they require for Marketing, Human Resource (HR), Operations, Finance etc.