Ultimate School / Collegemanagement application

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ERP include multiple of modules that orchestrate together to define ERP services, here is the list of modules :
  • User groups : Administrators, teachers, students and parents
  • Registeration : Administrator must approve registerations of teachers, students or parents
  • Private messages : simple way to communicate with other users by messages
  • Academic Years (NEW) : Manage students by academic years and track their progress over years
  • Promotion (NEW) : Control students promotion and track past data of promoted students
  • Mail / SMS : Administrators can send e-mail or SMS to teachers, students or parents
  • NewsBoard : Publish School / Collegenews on board
  • Events : Publish scheduled events
  • Calender : List events, news, exams and online exams on calender
  • Hostel : Manage hostel and their relation to students
  • Attendance : Track attendance of students
  • Teachers Attendance (NEW) : Track attendance of teachers
  • Vacation (NEW): Tecahers / Students can apply their vacations requests
  • Exams : Add exams scheduled for School / Collegestudents and grade levels
  • Assignments : Upload assignments related to each class
  • Online exams : Create online exams ( Multiple choice ) for students with auto marking
  • Dormitories : Add your School / Collegedormitories
  • Accounting : Manage fee types & fee allocation & Manage students payments - Supports paypal - Automatic invoices generation available
  • Classes : Add your School / Collegeclasses and assign the fees allocation
  • Sections : Add your School / Collegeclasses's sections
  • Class schedule : Create class schedule for each one
  • Subjects : Add subjects and their relation to teachers
  • Transportation : Control students transportation and track subscriptions
  • Books library : Create online library by either download or book availability on library
  • Media center (NEW) : Create media center that support images, Youtube & Vimeo videos
  • Studey Material (NEW) : Manage & organize downloadable study material for students
  • Reports (NEW): Generate data reports about various parts of system
You can simply enable/disable activated modules. go to Administrative tasks -> General Settings. you'll find Activated Modules option to select which modules running

ERP has 4 user roles
  1. Administrators
  2. Teachers
  3. Students
  4. Parents
ERP offer registerations systems for teachers, students and parents to register themselves in the system and administrator approve their accounts instead of adding them manually.

And now administrator can approve or remove newly registered accounts go to (teachers, students or parents) and click Waiting approvals button to view list of users pending. Also teachers can approve students inside their classes

Beautifull dashboard provides you with quick statistics, latest messages, polls, upcoming news & events, leaderboard (students & teachers), calender and Quick links customized based on your user group
ERP comes with 12 themes : Blue, Blue-light, Yellow, Yellow-light, Green, Green-light, Purple, Purple-light, Red, Red-light, Black, Black-light

Static pages enable you set your static content pages, You can select activated pages to be shown on the left menu bar.

Only activated pages appear on the left menu bar
List administrators on website : from left panel press Admins
To add new administrator press Add administrator button. Adding administrators have 2 options : Full permissions ( Administrator will take full permissions on system ) & Custom permissions ( You'll select the permissions that the administrator have access to it ) .
List teachers on website : from left panel press Teachers
To add new teacher press Add teacher button
the same procedures for students and parents
To view any user's profile, pess on user's name

Students can be associated to parents when registeration and on parent edit mode.

Users can be imported / Exported via Excel , But you must follow the file Schema to avoid any problems. Also ERP support duplicate enteries, Modify and review data before inserted to the database.

You can view student's marksheet from the following button on student's list.

Also print marksheet available, and bulk marksheet print from the Reports area.
Leader boards are available for students & teachers, leaderboard show up in the main dashboard and cat be set as multiple leaderboards
You can set student leaderboard from the following : Go to students and locate the student you want define leaderboard and click the following icon :
popup message appear to define description of leaderboard, type it and click ok.
The same procedure for teachers
You can control the academic years

Add / Edit Academic Years

Change the academic year by selecting it's icon from navbar

You can use promotion feature to promote student from one Academic Year / class to another

Select From Academic Year and class OR separate students. The in the next page select the new Academic year & Class

Administrators can send Mail / SMS newsletters to Teachers, Students (All students or specify class's students) and parents also you can track sent messages .
With administrator account you'll see Mail/SMS button on the left bar.
  • Select Type of users : Teacher, Student or Parents
  • Select Send as Regular mail or SMS
  • Type Message title & content

ERP support diffrent 8 SMS APIs and 4 methods of mail delivery
  • SMS
    • Nexmo
    • Twilio
    • hoiio
    • ClickAtell
    • intellisms
    • Bulksms
    • Concepto (liveair.in)
    • MSG91
  • Mail
    • Simple PHP Mail function
    • PHP Mailer class
    • SMTP
    • Amazon SES
You can edit the messages sent for Exam details and Student's absense notification from : Administrative tasks -> Mail / SMS Templates
Select the template you want to edit :

Edit the template
Fee Types
You can define fee types in ERP that represent the categories of payments for students.

When adding or edit fee type you must define the fee title and the default amount of payment ( Will be used as default value only when adding fee allocation )

Fee Allocation
After adding the fee types, you must define the fee allocation to allocate the automatic payments for classes or students.
Allocation for student will override allocation for student's class.
To Create new allocation you can define it for class or specific students and define the fee values.

To activate the automatic invoce generation . from global settings -> Payment settings and activate the below options


ERP support payments with paypal integration and tax calculation.
Add / Edit payment
When selecting more than one student it'll generate seperate invoice for each one
View the generated invoice
When Payment is PAID via paypal, you can click on PAID text to see the payment's information
You can control payment settings from Site settings and control paypal e-mail, tax, Currency code & Currency sumbol
Administrators control site settings through site settings. Site title & URL, Address, Phone No., E-mail address, Footer text and twilio credintals.
With administrator account you'll see Site settings button on the bottom of left bar, you can edit:
  • Website title & url
  • School / Collegeaddress & phone number
  • System E-mail : used when send mail to users
  • Logo type : Site Title, Image or custom text
  • Change footer text of script
  • Include attendance on marksheer or not
  • For enabling SMS you must have active account on Twilio and type here Twilio account SID, Twilio auth token & Twilio from number
  • Control users are allowed to change theme users or not
  • Control the public registeration status ( Open or closed ) - if closed, The users registerations will be restricted only from the adminstration panel
  • Payment Setting
  • Mail / SMS Settings
  • Vacation settings
  • Date format settings
  • Enable / Disable Sections settings
Change your account profile data, E-mail address and password, from the top menu the Account Settings button.
Change your profile data : Fullname, Gender, birthday, Address, Phone number, Mobile number & profile photo
Change your E-mail address and password
PM is simple way for users to communicate each others. ERP implement synchronous chat box between 2 users with chat archiving .

Sending new message is simple by clicking button : Compose and write your message

Newsboard and events offer easy way to publish your school's news and events, items are classified to be shown to teachers, students, parents or all members
All time-based items combined in the calender includes :
  • News board
  • Events
  • Exams
  • Online exams
  • Assignments
Students / Teachers can apply for vacations . Administrator can specify the vacation days and official vacation dates.

Student's attendance support 2 types:
  • Subject based : Attendance entry require Subject and class
  • Class-only based : Attendance entry require class only
You can switch between both of them from : Administrative tasks -> General Settings -> Attendance model

Teachers can add / control student attendance for classes and subjects, Select Class, Subject and day to control the attendance then proceed
Check one of student status from : Present, Absent, Late, Late with excuse Or Early Dismissal is absent or prsent, ( Data can be edited anytime after that ). Also if the student has applied for vacation . you can accept it or reject
You can see student attendance history from the left meny click students and you'll find this icon beside student to view student attendance history
View student attendance history

Use attendance statistics for get deep info about attendance. Graphs or search attendance.

You can activate sending student absent's status to parent's mail or SMS from : Administrative tasks -> General Settings -> Send student's absense via And select sending method you need .

Staff attendance from the left menu Staff Attendance by selecting date and specify the status.

  • Dormitories, classes & subjects are 3 categories to organize structure
  • Dormitories used to define places inside your school
  • Subjects are related to teachers
  • Classes are related to students
  • Sections are related to classes
Add subject
Add class : When adding new class you can define the fee allocation per class
Archive your library books in this section ( Traditional ) and make other books downloadable ( Electronic ) .
Books available to download can be downloaded via this icon .
Add book :
  • Specify boot title, Description & author
  • If it traditional book specify it's price & availabilty status
  • If it electronic book upload the book file to be available to download
From Administrative tasks -> Polls.
To add poll you'll need to set the poll title, Options and target
From Dashboard see it in action

Manage the transportation list
Add / Edit transport by adding transport title, description, Driver contact and fare
You can list transport Subscribers by pressing this button

To add student / Teacher under one of transportation, Edit user to select the enrolled transportation

Manage the hostel list & Hostel categories

You can list hostel Subscribers by pressing this button

To add student / Teacher under one of transportation, Edit user to select the enrolled transportation

ERP provide media center with unlimited sub-albums features that supports images, youtube & vimeo videos

Teachers can upload material for students specified for subjects

You can add exams list of your School / Collegeand teachers will add exam grades for each school.
Teachers, Admins can add marks for the students for the exam by clicking this button :
The following form appear, select Class & Subject to add the marks to and press Add marks :
The following form appear to add the marks of attendance, exams & comments of exam
You can send exam marks to student's & parents by clicking this button in exams list
Change sending exam notifications settings go to Administrative tasks -> General Settings
Grade levels define exam grades and their values to generate Marksheet marks.
Add/Edit grade level
Assignments differ from exams that you can upload assignment file & select target classes then students download file and solve it.
Add/Edit assignments. you can select multiple classes, choose assignment deadline and upload assignment file.
You can view student's uploaded answers by clicking this button

Administrators & teachers can create online exams for student with ability to specify class students able to take this exam and option to show the grade after finish exam or not. specify start and deadline of exam with unlimited questions.

Support 3 types of questions : Select one answer, Select multiple answers & enter text value.
You can also specify apply time for exam that student can pass the exam since the exam started
To add/edit exam by Add exam button or edit button :
  • Enter Exam title & Description
  • Select Class (You can select multiple) & Subject
  • Select Exam start date & Deadline
  • Specify Allowed exam time in miuntes
  • Specify Pass Grade of the exam to define the Pass/Failed status
  • In Extras you can select to show grade to student after finish & submit the answers
  • Add Exam questions and answers, enter the question mark, select the true answer the press add question
You can show marks of students who took the exam by pressing the following button

You can control class schedule for each class and print them, simply press add, select subject day and time and press add
To add schedule press + button and enter details : Subject, Day, Start time & End time
Modify School / Collegeterms from : Administrative tasks -> School / CollegeTerms. Type terms and save

Many reports can be generated from ERP app.
  • Users Statistics
  • Students attendance
  • Staff attendance
  • Payments reports
  • Students Vacation
  • Teachers Vacation
  • Marksheet generation