Abhishek Gautam
My learning experience with DIMR has been good, with good insights gained during the process. I feel more confident and professional now.
Abhishek Gautam- IBM(PSP)
Nishant Kumar
With DIMR I learned how to develop the perception towards other person and the transformation I found in myself after doing MBA at DIMR is, how to remain calm in worst situation.
Nishant Kumar- J. P. Morgan Chase Bank (Fraud Analyst)
Ankit D. Khiwansara
Learning is a good experience with DIMR.I learned lot of things in DIMR like communication, presentation, leadership, and many more. After doing MBA at DIMR I learn to enhance management and presentation skills.
Ankit D. Khiwansara- HSBC (S.E.)

Bhavika Nikalje
At DIMR I learned to handle various situations and time management. After doing MBA at DIMR there are improvements in my learning abilty, enhancement in knowledge & skills.
Bhavika Nikalje- Mitroz Technologies
Nisha Doiphode
Had a nice experience while learning at DIMR. Received or achieved knowledge about operation management. I learnt many things about operations management, which helped in my daily activities as well as in my profession.
Nisha Doiphode- Aker Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (Lead Document Controller)
Harshada Sondkar
My learning experience with DIMR is Very Good. The best thing I liked about my institute is Faculties, very supportive and always co-operative with students.
Harshada Sondkar- Swaraj Developer Group (HR Associate)

Amit Mote
It was good experience doing masters in DIMR, I improved as an individual and DIMR boost my confidence. My stage fear is gone and I can speak in front of audience now.
Amit Mote- EXL Services Ltd. (Operation Associate)
Nagorao Bansode
Transformations I found in myselfafter doing MBA at DIMR: 1. Improvement in communication skills 2. Improved practical knowledge about management of materials, operations and manpower in the industrial sector.
Nagorao Bansode- Finolex Cables Ltd. (Sr. Engineer)
Abhijeet Shejul
Learning experience at DIMR was good. Faculty members were so supportive and knowledgeable that learning became very easy. Transformations I found in myself after doing MBA at DIMR:
Abhijeet Shejul- ICU (ICU Registrar)

Priti Sarode
My learning experience with DIMR is Good. The best thing I liked about my institute is the co-operation from faculties and good processes.
Priti Sarode- Wipro Tech
Dayanand Kurane
I am working as a Team Lead in my organization, many of the managing team aspects I have learnt from my MBA at DIMR, I am managing my team in a better way with management strategies learnt at DIMR.
Dayanand Kurane- Zensar Technologies Ltd
Santosh Kumbhar
Good learning experience with DIMR and the faculty members. Lots of things I learned in DIMR in last two years. I found confident and improved my skills after doing MBA at DIMR.
Santosh Kumbhar- Allied Softech Pvt. Ltd.