Ashita Waghmare
Learning from books gives us degree certificate, but the experience of that learning gives us career, DIMR has a perfect blend of 'Experiential Learning' where we learn with experiences.
Ashita Waghmare- HR, Mahendra Sanyo Special Steel Pvt. Ltd.
Prashant Samal
Before DIMR, my perception of learning was different, but now, if you ask me what is learning, I would tell you 'If you have not experienced it, you have not learned it'.For teaching us the true meaning of learning.
Prashant Samal- Project Lead, Harbinger Group
Sonkalpa Gosavi
Two years of continuous hard work and efforts are essential for next thirty years of life. The atmosphere at DIMR is more concerned about our potentials, DIMR focusses of Potentials and Possibilities.
Sonkalpa Gosavi- Service Incharge, Sansui Electronics Pvt Ltd

Shubham Bamratkar
DIMR dealt with my stage fear and enhanced my communication multiple folds. Today I see myself as a changed person both personally and professionally because of DIMR.
Shubham Bamratkar - Sr. Financial Manager, Bajaj Alliance
Ninad Tanaji
Job fairs, projects, events, summer internships and so many more things happen at DIMR that you are rigrously groomed for industry. If you are willing then DIMR is bound to make you successful.
Ninad Tanaji- Hr Admin ( Management trainee), Keinhin fie Pvt Ltd
Kiran Pimprikr
Approach of transforming students of DIMR is way ahead of others, DIMR is more concerned about our approach. I have changed my approach towards career, I feel that I am ready to take the challenges of Industry, I feel well equipped.
Kiran Pimprikr- Marketing Manager, Johnson Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.

Balkrushna Sagade
From the day you join DIMR, you are a part of DIMR family. The support and guidance we receive from DIMR even today is overwhelming.
Balkrushna Sagade- Relationship Manager, Westeria Real Vision Pvt ltd
Diwakar  Mishra
DIMR teaches us through practical experiences, it has equipped us for our job.
Diwakar Mishra- Sales Officer and Marketing, Dalmia Bharat Cement
Shivani Khedekar
My understanding about career has definitely changed because of DIMR. My career is not just a job but growth, connections and productivity.
Shivani Khedekar- Junior Accountant, Infosys Pvt Ltd

Sheetal Reddy
Participation in several events, working together in a group and handling pressure has prepared me for my job and my future. Thank you DIMR.
Sheetal Reddy- Digital Marketing executive, Hyper Destech
Vipul Savant
Projects, events and practical learning at DIMR has helped me a lot.
Vipul Savant- Ageny Development Manager, Apollo Munich
Aakash Kapure
Placements are the best part of DIMR. There are so many opportunities to get placed that you cannot miss one if you are willing to work.
Aakash Kapure- Sr. Relationship Manager, Westeria Real Vision Pvt ltd

My learning experience with DIMR has been good, with good insights gained during the process. I feel more confident and professional now.
Abhishek Gautam- IBM(PSP)
Nishant Kumar
With DIMR I learned how to develop the perception towards other person and the transformation I found in myself after doing MBA at DIMR is, how to remain calm in worst situation.
Nishant Kumar- J. P. Morgan Chase Bank (Fraud Analyst)
Ankit D. Khiwansara
Learning is a good experience with DIMR.I learned lot of things in DIMR like communication, presentation, leadership, and many more. After doing MBA at DIMR I learn to enhance management and presentation skills.
Ankit D. Khiwansara- HSBC (S.E.)

Bhavika Nikalje
At DIMR I learned to handle various situations and time management. After doing MBA at DIMR there are improvements in my learning abilty, enhancement in knowledge & skills.
Bhavika Nikalje- Mitroz Technologies
Nisha Doiphode
Had a nice experience while learning at DIMR. Received or achieved knowledge about operation management. I learnt many things about operations management, which helped in my daily activities as well as in my profession.
Nisha Doiphode- Aker Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (Lead Document Controller)
Harshada Sondkar
My learning experience with DIMR is Very Good. The best thing I liked about my institute is Faculties, very supportive and always co-operative with students.
Harshada Sondkar- Swaraj Developer Group (HR Associate)

Amit Mote
It was good experience doing masters in DIMR, I improved as an individual and DIMR boost my confidence. My stage fear is gone and I can speak in front of audience now.
Amit Mote- EXL Services Ltd. (Operation Associate)
Nagorao Bansode
Transformations I found in myselfafter doing MBA at DIMR: 1. Improvement in communication skills 2. Improved practical knowledge about management of materials, operations and manpower in the industrial sector.
Nagorao Bansode- Finolex Cables Ltd. (Sr. Engineer)
Abhijeet Shejul
Learning experience at DIMR was good. Faculty members were so supportive and knowledgeable that learning became very easy. Transformations I found in myself after doing MBA at DIMR:
Abhijeet Shejul- ICU (ICU Registrar)

Priti Sarode
My learning experience with DIMR is Good. The best thing I liked about my institute is the co-operation from faculties and good processes.
Priti Sarode- Wipro Tech
Dayanand Kurane
I am working as a Team Lead in my organization, many of the managing team aspects I have learnt from my MBA at DIMR, I am managing my team in a better way with management strategies learnt at DIMR.
Dayanand Kurane- Zensar Technologies Ltd
Santosh Kumbhar
Good learning experience with DIMR and the faculty members. Lots of things I learned in DIMR in last two years. I found confident and improved my skills after doing MBA at DIMR.
Santosh Kumbhar- Allied Softech Pvt. Ltd.