The synonym we use for our workshops is ‘Value addition events’, where the focus is not towards giving any sort of lectures or powerpoint presentations, which we otherwise also don’t believe in, but to ‎have value addition in the lives of the students. Our workshops aims to deliver real time practical exposure to students in the diversified areas as per the need of the hour and the areas of their interest.
The workshops @ DIMR are conducted by the experts of the industry, who share their experience and allow the students to have experience through practical learning activities and simulation of actual workplace scenarios.
The other aspect of these workshops is that the activities conducted in workshops tends to ignite a passion for creativity among the students, which goes with students forever in their career.

Workshop on Job Opportunities in Commercial banks and Insurance Sector in India

Workshop on Ganesh Festival in our life through Practical Learning

Workshop on Ganesh Festival

MBA students at DIMR learning about how to implement Ganesh Festival in our life through Practical Learning. ‎

Workshop on SIP - 2015

DIMR has organised One Day Workshop for MBA 1 students regarding Summer Internship Project. Dr. Mohosin shared his profound knowledge about the SIP with students.
Points covered in the workshop were:
1. What is SIP
2. What is Expected from Students
3. University Guidelines for successful completion of SIP
4. Points to be covered in the Project Report

As part of its vision of creating atmosphere for learning, DIMR has added one more feather to its hat.

Brand You - Your Image & Communication

These changing days, even an individual has to maintain his Corporate Image, DIMR knows the rules of the game, on 4th April 2015 we have conducted a Workshop on “Know How” of brand image and communication. The coach for the workshop was Ms. Prapti Washikar, an experienced and energetic women having corporate exposure of organizations like Patni Computers and TCS, presently having her own venture – PIFA Consultancy Services.
Students of DIMR learned from it:
– How to create a corporate image
– How it matters and its impact on our attitude
– Do’s and Dont’s of maintaining corporate image
DIMR has gained a valuable insight for polishing its “Happy to Work For Culture”


Seminar On Marketing Stategies

”The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself ..”
This is what the DIMR students understood when Miss Snehal Kuhikar share her experience ,she is working with ICICI bank and part of wealth Management team working as an investment ad visor ..
she share her experience on industrial based as well as on all sector of management Like Marketing , sales, Finance , operations , and on Indian market Today ..she said books are not enough , practical knowledge is necessary during academics as well as during our internship where you are working .